Guoying Zhou

Assistant Professor

Life Sciences

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University




Dr. Guoying Zhou obtained hermaster’s degree in PolymerChemistry and Physics atUniversity of Science andTechnology of China in 2011,and subsequently joinedProf. Thomas Groth’s group(Martin Luther University ofHalle-Wittenberg, Germany),where she completed herPh.D. research in 2017,focusing on inflammatorypotential studies of model biomaterials and developmentof anti-inflammatory strategies. Afterwards, she continued her Postdoctoral research in Prof. ZhanfengCui’s Group in University of Oxford working on fabrication of bio-intelligent skin scaffolds. She is currently working as an assistant professor in Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Area of Interests

Her research interests lie in fabrication of bio-intelligent scaffolds for skin and brain tissue engineering; delivery of medicine and growth factors by electrospunnanofiberor ECM-based hydrogelscaffoldsfor treatment of brain injury diseases and cell-material interactions.