Dwi Retno Sulistyowati

Bachelor’s Degree

Department of Architectural Engineering

Hasanuddin University, Makassar





Dwi Retno Sulistyowati was born in Makassar, Indonesian, on 21st February 1997. Dwi obtained Bachelor’s Degree on 2018 in Architectural Engineering at the Hasanuddin University. Dwi had a brief working in a Indonesian’s construction industry as a field supervisor. While in school, Dwi joined the Math Olympiads on 2010 and 2013 in Indonesian. That’s why Dwi was falling in love to the world of science and research. Her script’s research focus on the audial’s quality like Sound Pressure Level, Background Noise Level, and Reverberation Time in one of the Church in Indonesian and gave redesign suggestions to achieve the audial comfort using Autodesk Ecotect Analysis software

Area of Interests

Architectural design, science building and technology, building simulating software, building material’s research.